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Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute, Thakurpukur has developed into a premier research institute over the years…

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With the detection of thousands of Malignancies in the Hospital Outdoor wing every year, appropriate inpatient services have….

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SGCC&RI formerly known as Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Research Institute, Thakurpukur, is a philanthropic organization…
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A big leap in the service to Mankind

The very word Cancer throws a scare in your mind, pronounces the ultimatum, writes an epitaph. Unless you have first hand experience or you watched a near and dear one struggle, you actually have no idea what desperation Cancer can cause. You pray, you curse, you bargain with God, you clutch at any hope for a second chance at life. It is the second leading cause of death all over the world, of which tobacco itself accounts for 30% of all cancers. The good news is awareness reduces death by 50% and it can be cured if detected at an early stage.

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“To give best possible care to cancer patients,
irrespective of their socio-economic status, is our vision and mission”

Dr. Saroj Gupta

Founder Director & Secretary

Proud Partners of Inter-Continental Cancer Consortium to strengthen global cancer research leadership

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Farhan’s Dream Comes True

Farhan Rana Apurba a 3 year old child who is suffering from Metastatic Neuroblastoma and now on palliative pain control in Saroj Gupta Cancer Center and Research Institute under Dr.R.N.Ghosh makes a wish to meet his dream star SALMAN KHAN…

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