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About Cancer

Cancer – even the word instills fear and a sense of dejection. Simply put cancer is an uncontrolled growth of non-functional cells leading to death & destruction of the functional ones. Cancer does not just affect the body of a person. It erodes the mind as well. Here are a few little known facts about cancer, which have been confirmed by oncologists all over the world.

  • Being afraid depresses immune function and delays healing. Don’t be afraid of Cancer. As the Norman Cousins said – “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
  • Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle helps to increase the body’s tolerance to any form of trauma, surgery or illness.
  • Meditation & introspection reduce morbidity and help in better acceptance of reality and therefore, better ability to cope.
  • Cancer patients require a lot of community support & encouragement to deal with pain & disability-confining them to Hospital beds reduces their chances of survival and of leading a quality life.

About Cancer2

Life is a journey fraught with unnamed challenges, and untold stopovers. It is a fine balance of the willingness of the mind and the defiance of the body. The body fights all perpetrators with equal zeal, often being injured and disabled in the process. The mind absorbs all that it comes across, growing constantly with the fruits of experience.

Cancer is that one challenge which demands a role reversal. One has to face it with a defiant mind. The body has mostly no choice but to willingly give in to the ravages of Cancer. It is the mind, which must take a stand. Whether it means, better awareness and cancer prevention, or giving consent to undergo major surgery and other forms of therapy, one must fight cancer by choice and not by chance.

More than 66% of Cancers are preventable or curable. This means that you have a choice, where your mind can actually defy and deny the colonization of Cancer!
A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and sleep, avoidance of habit-forming substances and stress induced behaviour etc. are choices that you make to limit the onset of Cancer. Ultimately, you may not have the choice of never getting Cancer just as one cannot choose to be immortal, but you do have a choice of how to deal with Cancer, if it ever comes calling. Regular check ups, early and effective treatment, and lifestyle modifications ensure that every Cancer patient has a wonderful chance of not just surviving, but of having a hale and hearty life.

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