Covid 19 Covid Vaccination And Cancer Patients
covid-19 vaccination
Covid-19 has badly affected millions of cancer patients worldwide. Many cancer care centres were cordoned off after some patients, doctors and nurses were diagnosed with coronavirus. As a result, scheduled chemotherapy and radiation treatments were postponed. Those, who visit hospital every few months for their regular check-ups, failed to do so due to the pandemic and lockdown.

However, GOOD NEWS is things are slowly getting back to normalcy in India. It has been possible due to two factors – the CURVES of new diagnoses and deaths are not showing a steep rise and Introduction of Home-Grown Covid Vaccines.

Made-in-India Covid-19 Vaccines

Most educated people seem to be more interested in Covishield of Astra Zeneca (Oxford Research Product). Covishield is most popular of the available covid vaccines in India. The country has emerged as the Vaccine Powerhouse of the World. At present, India is supplying covid vaccines to a host of neighbouring and remote countries.

India has started its vaccination drive since January and it is considered the largest inoculation effort of the globe. Till date, the country has vaccinated more than 20 millions of people, with an aim to vaccinate 300 million people on “PRIORITY” basis by the end of July.

In the first phase of vaccination, frontline workers and healthcare professionals were given priority. People in the age group of 45-59 years with particular comorbidities and those, who are 60 years+ with or without comorbidity factors and have no other serious illnesses, are eligible for Covid vaccination at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute.

Several government hospitals, private nursing homes and other healthcare centres have been earmarked as the safest zones for the covid vaccination programs and Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute is one of them.

Covid Vaccines and Cancer Patients

Common people, especially the cancer patients and their family members are curious to know if these people qualify for Covid-19 vaccination program. In this context, it needs a mention that cancer patients have poor immunity power due to the disease and the treatment and so are more vulnerable to Covid-19.

Most people with cancer are eligible for Covid-19 vaccination program. However, they should consult their oncologists to decide if they are the right candidates for taking the vaccines. There are some manageable side-effects of covid-19 vaccines and the oncologists will certainly make the patients aware of these.

Enlarged lymph nodes development might happen in some patients after vaccination. It might be scary for the cancer patients but it might not be a symptom of disease progression or recurrence and could be a possible side-effect. However, further medical tests can confirm the diagnosis.

If the cancer patients experience any problem after taking covid vaccine, they should immediately talk to their oncologists.

Covid Vaccination Program at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute

  • Cost of Vaccination is only Rs. 250.
  • Vaccination Time: Monday to Saturday (10am to 4 pm)
  • Interested and eligible candidates should register their names for vaccination.

For further details, anybody can contact the 24 Hours Open Helpline Number at the institute.

Wrapping Up!

Covid-19 has hugely and adversely affected cancer treatment and research. It has jeopardized many cancer patients’ lives. With the Covid-19 cases almost plateauing in a few states and declining in most states, there is certainly a bright ray of hope for all of us. And when it comes to cancer patients, they can now hope for a better and urgent treatment that they missed the last year.

Furthermore, the accelerating vaccination drive at the Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute ensures that the patients will always feel safe and protected whenever they visit the hospital for medical tests, diagnosis and treatment.

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