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Environmental Monitoring committee

Important activities of our Environmental Monitoring and Biomedical waste Management System.

A benevolent group of social activists formed the society in 1973. From the very beginning, they had shown keen interest of the environment of this welfare home. The soothing environment would be such that the patients could perceive it as their home away from home.

The architecture is eco‐friendly and energy‐efficient. The modern day concept of “Green Architecture” was followed in the premises of this institute from the very beginning‐long before the very term was coined.

The architecture was very much there but it made the natural background more omnipresent. Health, Sanitation, Drainage, Disposal – everything was there and par excellence – only that they melted silently behind the whispers of nature. It meant taking a lot of extra care. However, the management never compromised with its original idea of a welfare home. We always walked the extra mile.

When the relevant Acts of environment were enacted, this Centre welcomed the proposals of the Government and became a model of Environment Monitoring and Biomedical Waste Disposal System in Eastern India. A committee headed by Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Mukhopadhyay and other qualified members was established a number of years back to monitor the parameters. After sad demise of Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Mukhopadhyay, Prof (Dr.) Arunava Majumder, Former Professor & Head, Department of Sanitary Engineering, AIIH & PH, Govt. of India succeeded him. In this committee there are many eminent scientists of this discipline and under their guidance we deal with the issues of Biomedical Waste Management, status of water quality & supply, Waste water management, vector control, noise status, plantation and gardening as well as beautification of the Hospital Campus.

The Hospital generated garbage and waste are segregated and disinfected by an in‐house system that follows the Government guidelines. The Final disposal is made through an authorized disposal agency (Previously done by SembRamkey , which was later replaced by
M/S Greentech Environment Management Pvt. Ltd. – both are authorized by W.B.P.C.B.)

We also periodically monitor exhaust gases, ambient air, sound level, waste water and drinking water to ensure a pollution- free environment. We have put an extra effort of microbiological monitoring of all our Operation Theaters, Intensive Therapy Units and Wards, the resultant micro- lab map of the sanctity of the environment of this center and proudly show to those who visit, that SGCCRI is a phenomenon rather than a medical establishment.