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General Facilities

Central Enquiry:

For all public information related to Hospital Inpatients.

Cash & Billing:

Multiple service counters handle all Cash & Credit transactions relating to patient services, apart from Pharmacy.

In House Pharmacy with Resident Pharmacists:

For all prescribed medications required at any time, by the patients. Pharmacy related financial transactions are processed here.

Transfusion Medicine Service (Blood Bank):

The state-of-the-art Blood Bank caters to the needs of blood and blood component requirements of the patients. The Blood Bank runs 24/7 to meet up all the emergency services.

Ambulance Services:

The Hospital owns a fleet of Ambulances, which transport OPD/ Inpatients within the Hospital, from one block to another, as well as to & from the Hospital. Ambulance Services also  take care of domicilliary Service for the palliative care unit.

Common Canteen:

For the staff & the visitors, serving a satisfying variety of regional cuisine.

Patient Canteen:

To serve food for Inpatients as per their Dietary recommendation monitored by our Dieticians.. They also serve standard regional cuisine, in keeping with the hygiene standards of Hospital food handling & processing. This is not accessible for the common public.


The Hospital Counter of the United Bank of India, Thakurpukur Branch, handles all types of Financial Transactions including Foreign Exchange matters with ATM facilites.

Guest House:

Comfortable accommodation, in single or double occupancy, for the scholars & delegates who collaborate with the Hospital, on its various research projects & seminars and therefore are required to spend a few days, at the Hospital, in close proximity to the Research Institute.

VIP Lounge:

For our distinguished guests & dignitaries, who grace all Hospital events in great numbers to express their support & solidarity.

Audio Visual Centre (Auditorium):

An Audio Visual Unit was built in 1984, which can accommodate an audience of 500 persons. This unique auditorium regularly hosts a number of Medical Seminars and Oncological Conferences at National and International levels. Apart from these, a variety of Cultural programs and film shows are held for the entertainment of all patients and their families. There is also an Open Air Theatre, which hosts live programs / group activities for and by the children.