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Both cancer and cancer treatment play havoc on your health. Therefore, it is extremely important to take some special care of your health even after cancer treatment to enjoy a good quality of life and feel a sense of overall wellbeing.

The following recommendations have proved beneficial for cancer survivors. In fact, these strategies work for everyone. These are small steps and but can smoother cancer patients’ transition into survivorship. But, before following any regime you must consult the doctors at hospital for cancer care.

Following are few tips that you should do for your health after cancer treatment.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Try to make changes in your daily diet. Take lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. When it comes to a balanced diet, the American Cancer Society suggests the followings for cancer survivors:

  • Every day, take at least 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid unsaturated fats and instead, switch to healthy fats such as, omega-3 fatty acids abundant in walnuts and sea fishes.
  • Choose proteins low in saturated fat. For example, seeds, nuts, legumes, eggs, fish and lean meats
  • Choose good sources of carbohydrates such as, whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Balanced diet ensures that you are taking plenty of vitamins and nutrients that will make your immune system strong.

Regular Exercises

Regular exercises speed up your recovery process and promote good health. Cancer survivors, who exercise regularly, experience:

  • Fewer or no symptoms of depression
  • Enhanced strength and endurance
  • Less fatigue
  • Less anxiety
  • Less pain
  • Good sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Higher self-confidence
  • Lower risk of cancer recurrence

Physical exercises do not take a lot of time. You can easily accommodate it into your regular routine. Moreover, exercise does not necessarily mean heavy exercise. Some small steps can keep you active. For example, avoid using lift and instead, take the stairs. Park your car a little away from your destination and cover the rest of the way on foot. Always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many cancer patients gain or lose weight during treatment. Maintaining a healthy weight is a part of recovery process for cancer survivors. Talk to your oncologist about what an ideal weight is for you and how you can achieve the goal weight.

For the cancer survivors who lost weight during treatment, getting back to a healthy weight often involves making food more tempting, tastier and easier to digest. Consult a dietician who will suggest the kind of foods that will help you gain weight.

Cancer survivors often experience pain, nausea and other side effects even after the treatment ends. It might be due to prolonged effect of chemotherapy or other drugs that they need to continue to prevent recurrence.

For the cancer survivors who gained weight, it is important to cut down intake of calories, embrace a healthy food habit and exercise regularly.

Have Some Rest

Sleep disorder is a common problem among cancer patients. There are several reasons for it such as, physical changes, effects of treatment etc. Getting enough sleep helps your body recover. It also refreshes and rejuvenates your body and mind when you are awake. Good sleep boosts up your hormone function, lowers blood pressure and improves your cognitive skill, which collectively make you feel better.

In addition to the afore-mentioned suggestions, always remember the followings:

  •  Reduce your stress
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink in moderation (it’s better if you can avoid alcohol)
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