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OPD Services

The OPD extends free services to about 60,000 patients every year. It provides Clinics for diagnosis & evaluation of all Cancers broadly in the disciplines of Radiotherapy, Gynaecology, ENT & Surgery including Urology, Orthopedics, Head & Neck,Breast, Peripheral Surgery, Gastro Intestinal Oncology, Maxillofacial & Thoracic Surgery. The OPD also has additional facilities like General Medicine, Cardiology and Dentistry for Cancer related ailments.

Chemotherapy patients are treated at the OPD along with Blood Transfusion if required.. In order to determine the best mode of treatment, a Medical Board comprising of eminent doctors and consultants of different specialities, headed by the Medical Director himself, checks selected patients regularly, specially every Thursday and Saturday.

The OPD operates some special supportive clinics every week. These are Laryngectomee Clinic for Speech therapy, Stoma Clinic for counseling of Colon and Bladder cancer patients, psychological counseling for cancer patients with their relatives and Mastectomy Support Clinic for Breast cancer sufferers.

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With support from Indo-American Cancer Association (IACA), this unit runs a FREE clinic from Monday to Friday from 10 am – 5 PM Monday to Friday where Morphine and some General Medicines are given FREE of cost . It also provides free consultations and counselling to patients and their relatives. The unit has also been giving FREE domiciliary services to terminally ill patients and counseling of their relatives with the support from Global Cancer Concern India (GCCI) and HelpAge India. A dedicated ward has also been started for the terminal care at nominal cost.

Interventional Pain Clinic to block painful nerves has been running sucessfully for last 5 years
The Indo-American Cancer Association and Pallium India: Certificate Course in Pain & Palliative Care

Alaryngeal Speech Therapy Unit

Laryngectomee Club under leadership of Sri Bibhuti Bhusan Chakraborty offers FREE service every Saturday to restore voice of the patients, lost due to the removal of a Cancer affected larynx. The Laryngectomee Club is one of the members of the Cancer Care India.

Stoma Clinic

Under leadership of Sri K.C. Banerjee of Ostomy Association of West Bengal , this unit is rendering FREE service to many patients with Colostomy, IIeostomy or Urostomy through the OPD regularly on every wednesday and friday from 11AM-2PM.


Breast cancer is like a taboo for the women especially in a country like India. The trauma of losing an organ like breast can be very traumatic. Even conservation of breast, which has become a common practice in the rest of the world, is yet to be accepted by our population even in early breast cancer. Proper counselling is, therefore, a cornerstone in the multidisciplinary treatment of breast cancer.

HITAISHINI is a voluntary non-profit Breast Cancer Support Network in Eastern India. It is a Forum member of Reach-to-Recovery International, Australia, and one of the founder members of Cancer Care India, New Delhi. Its member-volunteers are either breast cancer survivors or socially committed women. It runs breast clinics attached to hospitals and Cancer Centres in and around Kolkata to provide psychological, emotional, medicinal and rehabilitative support to women with breast cancer. Hitaishini also conducts Awareness camps, seminars, workshops and ‘Walks’ to propagate knowledge about breast cancer among the masses.

Hitaishini has been rendering free social services to the patients of this Institute for more than a decade. The lymphoedema clinic which deals with swelling of arms after treatment for breast cancer deserves a special mention.

The management of this Institute appreciates the noble services of this benevolent group.