The Research Sub Committee reviews every proposal and discusses about the study’s feasibility and checks the scientific merit. After approval of the RSC, the proposals are forwarded to Institutional Ethics Committee for ethical clearance.

A body of experienced clinicians & experts members of Research Advisory Board works as the members of the RSC. Every research/trial proposals presented to this Institute is discussed thoroughly and extensively every Thursday at our Research Sub Committee meeting.

Method of submitting a proposal of research:

Every proposal for research and clinical trials should be mailed to the research department’s email id (; The proposal should include the phase of trial; design of trial including exclusion & inclusion criteria and other relevant details; for drug trials & Pharmacokinetic studies the mechanism of action of the drug, a brief protocol of the study; informed consent form; case record form; the status of regulatory approvals and other relevant data. For other proposals should include detailed protocol and informed consent form. The research team presents this proposal before the Research Sub Committee and it is discussed before referral to Institutional Ethics Committee.

Every Research project submitted for consideration to research Division, SGCCRI should contain the following:
Nature of Research [see categories mentioned above]
Phase of Trial
Research proposal in detail including inclusion & exclusion criteria
Nature of Research [see categories mentioned above]
Research proposal in plain language
Informed consent form (see sample in Appendix – in English, Bengali & Hindi with a translator’s certificate)
Case Record Form (CRF) or electronic Case Record Form (eCRF)
Regulatory Approvals: DCGI Certificate, Ethics committee approval from other participating institutes.
Purity of molecule certificate (for drug pharmacokinetic efficacy evaluation trials)

All documents should be submitted by email ( and a covering letter addressed to Dr. M.N. Bandyopadhyay, Head, Division of Research.

The research team presents this proposal before the Research Sub Committee and it is discussed before referral to Institutional Ethics Committee.

For Ethics Committee approval the following needs to be submitted along with the documents mentioned above
Plain language summary of the project
Informed consent forms in English & local languages in a way that can be understood by a lay person

For more details check the downloadable form for clinical trials & for scholars


Name Speciality
Dr. Arnab Gupta, MBBS, FRCS Oncosurgeon, Director of SGCCRI
Dr Samir Bhattacharyya, MS Oncosurgeon ,HOD, Dept. of surgical oncology, SGCCRI
Dr. Rahul RoyChoudhury, MBBS, FRCOG, CCST (UK) Gynae-oncology
Dr. Rabindra Nath Ghosh, MRC Path Hemato-oncology
Dr. Biman Chakraborty, FRCOG, FACS Gynae-oncology
Dr. Gautam Bhattcherjee, DMRT, MD Radiation Oncology
Dr. Dhrubajyoti Mukhyopadhyay, MBBS, MS ENT Oncology
Dr. Saradindu Ghosh, MBBS, MS Oncosurgeon
Dr. Sharavasti Roy Pathology
Dr. Tanmoy Chatterjee, MBBS, DGO, MD Gynae-oncology
Dr. Rakesh Roy, MD, UICC, ECMO Medical Oncology / Palliative Care
Dr. N.R. Mondal, MBBS, DGO, MD (G&O) Gynae-oncology
Dr. Tamohan Chaudhuri, MD, DMRT Radiation Oncology