Diagnostic services:

All Pathological, Radiological and Endoscopic diagnostic facilities are available. Noteworthy of these are Tumour Markers and Immuno-histochemistry (done in-house 1st time in Eastern India) for exact diagnosis of the nature of cancer and also different Isotope scans in the Nuclear Medicine department.


Cancer Centre, Thakurpukur believes in providing the latest diagnostic techniques and facilities to its patients, within the campus, to avoid the inconvenience of travel and to save time, which is a very valuable commodity to every Cancer patient. The rates of these are very competitive, considering the under privileged patients.
Star Pathology

Fully equipped with the latest technologically advanced gadgetry, the Department of Pathology runs multiple automated Blood & Body Fluid Analysers for its routine tests. Besides performing all the standard tests of Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, & Clinical Pathology, it is also specifically well known for the following specialized investigations: The rates of these are very competitive, considering the under previlaged paients.
Arrow Histopathology, Cytology & Bone Marrow Aspiration Studies
Arrow Tumor Marker Studies (e.g. CEA, AFP, PSA, CA-125, CA 15.3, CA 19.9, ß-HCG, ß2 microglobulin)
Arrow Hormonal Assays, ER, PR. Her2 neu
Arrow FNACs with / without Imaging
Arrow CT guided trucut biopsies.
Arrow  Body Fluid / Cervical / Imprint Cytology 

is an advanced unit of the Department, which deals with various Cancer specific tests to pinpoint the exact nature and category of the tumour, so as to facilitate the mode of treatment of the patient. Some of the common tests include Cytokeratin, LCA, CD 15, CD 30, CD3, CD20, Desmin, CD 99, SMA, S-100 etc.

This is the first centre in Eastern India to conduct immuno-histochemistry for accurate tumour identification and has the largest test panel. The tests are also carried out on FNA/imprint smears when necessary (immunocytochemistry).

The Department also conducts a Diploma Course for Laboratory Technicians (D.M.L.T.), recognized by the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal. Please  contact us , for more information about these courses.

Star Radiology / Imaging

The Department is equipped with the following recent generation equipment for full Imaging Cancer Diagnostics.

Arrow Multiple Conventional Digital as well as Portable X Ray machines.
Arrow Portable & Conventional Ultrasonographs and Colour Doppler for superficial as well as deeper organs.
Arrow Mammography
Arrow Spiral Sub Second CT Scanner
Arrow All types of Image Guided Biopsy

For better Cardiac care and to minimize & regulate the affects of various modes of therapy on the cardiac status of Cancer patients, regular Electrocardiograms (ECGs) & Echocardiograms are performed in the concerned Department.

The Department conducts Degree course in Radiodiagnosis (D.N.B. - RD, ) for Medical Garduates, recognized by the National Board of Examinations, MOH & FW, Govt. of India. The Department also conducts a Diploma Course for Radiology Technicians (D.R.T.), recognized by the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal. Please visit the Academic section on the website, for more information about these courses.

Star Endoscopy/ERCP/Minimal Invasive Surgery

The Endoscopy unit, despite being one of the busiest & fastest growing units of the Hospital, is remarkable in its software mediated rapid Report & Image reproduction for its patients. It has the latest imported  Video Endoscopes with Digital Video Imaging & Recording, used for various Upper and Lower GI endoscopic procedures (Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy) besides other investigations such as Bronchoscopy, Nasal Endoscopy, Fibre-Optic Larygoscopy & Cystoscopy.
The Laparoscopic Surgery Unit is equipped to do many major types of diagnostic & therapeutic procedures. For a comprehensive list of Surgeries, please click here

Star Nuclear Medicine

Regional Radiation Medicine Centre (RRMC) - in collaboration with Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India.

The main activities include In-vivo nuclear imaging & non-imaging tests, as well as In Vitro diagnostic studies. It has two Computerized Gamma Cameras with facilities for SPECT - a feature unique to SGCC&RI. Routine imaging studies performed include the static & dynamic scintiscans like skeletal (including 3-phase), Thyroid, Renal dynamic, Liver, Hepatobiliary, G.I. bleeding etc. Some more sophisticated imaging studies like cardiac MUGA and scinti mammography RE also performed. In-vivo non-imaging studies include thyroidal I-131 uptake, and Cr-51 labeled RBC studies.

Radio immunoassay of thyroid hormones (T-3 and T-4), and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), are carried out regularly. It is working as the reference center for the whole of Eastern India.
All Departments are led by a team of dedicated and qualified Doctors, with specializations in related fields and ably supported by a team of efficient and hardworking technicians and paramedical staff.