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Nuclear Medicine Department


The Regional Radiation Medicine Centre (VECC), Kolkata was set up by the Department of Atomic Energy in the year 1989, in collaboration with the CCWHRI, Thakurpukur.
More recently, for increasing demand, another modern State of the Art Nuclear Medicine has been set up by the partnership with EKO diagnostic centre.

The present activities include different Nuclear Imaging, I-131 Uptake and Radionuclide Therapy.

Nuclear Imaging

Nuclear Imaging is performed on the Dual Head Gamma Cameras.
Routine static imagings performed include Whole Body Skeletal, Thyroid, Liver, Renal cortical and Large Dose I-131 Scans.
Routine dynamic imagings being performed include Renal Dynamic study,
Hepato-biliary, GI bleeding study, 3-phase skeletal imaging, etc.
SPECT studies of the skeletal system are also being performed.
Occasionally more sophisticated studies like Parathyroid Imaging and Neuro-Endocrine Tumor Imaging are also being carried out.

Iodine I-131 Uptake

Thyroidal Iodine -131 uptake studies for various diseases of the thyroid gland are being performed regularly.

Radio Nuclide Therapy

  • Low dose I-131 therapy of Thyrotoxicosis (up to 15mCi of I-131)[ on OPD basis] is being carried out regularly.
  • High Dose I-131 therapy for Cancer Thyroid patients is, also being carried out regularly.