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TestimonialsKabita Banerjee
The services provided here are above expectations. Kindly retain this goodwill. I am very impressed by doctors, medical staff and every employee of this hospital.
TestimonialsKaberi Mitra
I am very satisfied with the food served here and the cleanliness of the hospital.
TestimonialsShefali Adak
Very good behaviour of nursing staff, ward boys, female attendants. They took very good care of my mother. I am very satisfied with this hospital's service and everyone here.
TestimonialsShyamali Dasgupta
The service at the help desk and registration counter was very good. I can't remember the name of the lady but her careful guidance helped me ease out my worries. Keep up the good work.
TestimonialsGirish Chandra Burman
We got very good service in a very short span of time. Extremely happy with the service.
TestimonialsUttam Kumar Das
I belong to a poor family and came for my treatment here. Dr R.N.Ghosh is not less than God to me as he has given me a second life. I respect him as a father. All the doctors and nurses of this hospital are extremely good. Can't thank you enough.
TestimonialsMiss Anjali Roy
TestimonialsMr. Sunil Yadav
Found to have Lymphoma at 12 years of age, he was given the recommended therapy. Today, he is a strapping young man who is working with the Indian Railways, & proving to be the bread-earner of his family.
TestimonialsMs. Subhosree Banerjee

Detected with Retinoblastoma (A malignancy of the eye) at 3 years of age, in 1986, she underwent surgery followed by RT/CT and was advised to be on regular follow ups with her doctors. Today, she is a young lady, busy pursuing her studies & can dream of a bright future ahead.

TestimonialsMs. Sikha Sen

A teacher with Loretto Day School, Bowbazaar, she was detected with Breast Cancer in 1997. Looking back, Ms. Chakraborty says that it was very difficult for her to believe that a person like her, who had never suffered from so much as fever, could have been diagnosed with cancer!

An exceptional student throughout, the beautiful Ms. Chakraborty has been successful in all her academic pursuits, including an M.Sc. in Physiology from AIIMS, Delhi followed by a B. Ed. in Biology from Jadavpur University. Being an NCERT scholar throughout, she is a dynamic & optimistic personality, used to seizing the opportunities that life offers. So, when she faced Cancer, her first thought was - "Why waste a single day in self pity, when I don't know how many days I have?" Having a close knit family alone worried her as she was sure her diagnosis would cause them a lot of suffering.

Being Diagnosed with Stage II of Breast Cancer at 46 years, Ms. Chakraborty underwent surgery in June 1997 followed by Radiation for 5 weeks. She returned to her job in September, 1997, less than 3 months after her surgery, and started Chemotherapy. The hairloss was depressing but did not deter her from carrying on with her life normally. She remembers explaining to her students about the hairloss and asking them not to be distracted by it!!

"Taking interest in your therapy helps in the process of recovery", she says "because it is important to share your concerns with your doctor as well as understand the expected therapy goals & the patient's co-operation in optimizing the treatment."

To the medical fraternity, she says - "As a patient I always compared the cost of the treatment to the value of my life, in my perception. Therefore, it is important to understand the patient's concerns before advising him/her any treatment, so that the patient can avail of the same in his/her capacity."

TestimonialsMr. Bibhuti Chakraborty

After recovering from Laryngeal Cancer through proper surgery & therapy more than 15 years ago, he took up the work of educating fellow patients suffering from Cancer of the Larynx. Teaching patients, how to speak, after Laryngeal Surgery, became his passion and today Cancer Centre, Thakurpukur boasts of a 200 + strong team of patients who can speak through the miracle of speech therapy without having voice boxes!!

One of his speech therapy students, Mr. Gurudas Mukherjee recounts how he was detected with laryngeal Cancer in 1995, when he was only 36. Being in sales, and a chain smoker at that, he was unable to follow repeated medical advice to rest his voice. Gradually, he developed a persistent cough & hoarseness & was found to have vocal cord nodules. Biopsy proved the existence of Cancer and he was advised immediate surgery. For him, at that time, being the only bread earner of his family, with a 2-month-old son, the situation was almost impossible to face. However, managing to gather funds, he underwent surgery followed by a 25 day Radiotherapy session. Thereafter he took speech therapy from Mr. Bibhuti Chakraborty & within a short span of 3 months, was able to lead an absolutely normal life again! Today, he is a Postal agent, marketing Post office schemes to prospective clients, with his vocal prowess! He leads a healthy life, even taking care of his family's requirements. His experience, he says has taught him to be extremely aware of the body's warning signals. He advises all people to take quick steps to ensure correct treatment of the smallest of ailments so that they never become severe. Also, he advises avoidance of addictive substances such as tobacco, pan masala etc. because as they say, anything in excess is bad for you. Good habits, exercise, timely food & suitable lifestyle restrictions go a long way in controlling the expression of disease - in other words, "A stitch in time, saves nine!"

TestimonialsMrs. Nandita Bhatacharya


“Life is certainly not a bed of roses”. This is universally accepted. Nevertheless, mentally it is not at all easy to accept gracefully when one is suddenly detected with malignancy. At this critical situation in a person’s life, the most needed place is a hospital that provides confidence, utmost care and comfort besides the required medical treatment – a hospital which is sensitive to the emotional, mental and physical condition of a cancer patient. In July 2014, when I was detected with a malignant tumor in the Recto-Sigmoid region, my husband and I immediately decided to get the medical treatment at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute (SGCC&RI) at Thakurpukur, as we strongly felt, based on our available information that SGCC&RI would cater to all my needs in such a situation. SGCC&RI was founded by (Late) Dr. Saroj Gupta, a highly qualified and well known doctor (a Radiation Oncologist) who was a man of simplicity, great wisdom and vision.

It would not be an exaggeration to mention that from the very first day various tests prior to my admission to SGCC&RI, surgery, post-operative chemotherapy treatment and all the necessary follow-up tests were of a very high standard and extremely satisfactory. As a result, the doctors feel today, based on my medical test reports after the chemotherapy treatment, that my progress is quite satisfactory. Now I have gradually started walking ahead to my normal life with confidence.

It would be just proper and fair to share my experience during my entire stay and of the various tests done at SGCC&RI. The Cancer Centre occupies a vast area with greenery all around, water bodies with swans swimming and wading around, playground, amusement park and even a toy train – which may not be found in any other cancer hospital in India. I was allocated a beautiful cabin attached to a big balcony (quite close to an on-site Radha-Krishna Temple) from where I could enjoy the nature’s beauty, ambience and serenity, marking me feel as if I were staying in a resort. The diet served was quite satisfactory and very timely. The nurses were quite alert and treated me quite affectionately. The entire place is well maintained and clean. The Cancer Centre was found to be well equipped with the latest sophisticated diagnostic and treatment facilities with highly qualified and trained doctors, nurses and various staff members. Medical Management is of a very high standard and the smooth functioning of general administration is really noteworthy. The Nurses and the staff members of various departments my husband and I approached were found to be very helpful and co-operative.

Special mention needs to be made about the doctors who were directly involved and stood beside me during the surgery and my treatment in SGCC&RI. Dr. Samir Bhattacharyya, a well-reputed surgeon, I understand, did an excellent surgery of the tumor with utmost care from various angles. Dr. Rakesh Roy, Head of the Chemotherapy Department, was extremely supportive and caring; he took keen interest at every stage and gave valuable advice as and when required, even over the phone at my residence during the entire chemo treatment. Dr. Arnab Gupta, Director of SGCC&RI, a well known Surgical Oncologist – a soft spoken person with very pleasant personality was the pillar of my strength. He has been monitoring every action regularly from day one till date. He played a great role in my treatment and recovery, always providing me great care and support, specially during the post operative critical stages, constantly elevating my mental and emotional strength. On the eve of my discharge from the Cancer Centre Dr. Gupta even insisted that I should have a joy ride in the Toy Train. I was deeply touched by his approach towards a patient and I enjoyed the ride thoroughly.

Mrs. Krishnakali Das and Mrs. Piyali Chatterji, the two Secretaries of the Hon. Secretary and the Director of SGCCRI, were found to be two most efficient ladies. For any query and help, they always extended full co-operation and support with a smiling face, even when they were under immense work pressure. Their help in all respects will never be forgotten.

In the end, my husband and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the Doctors, Nurses, the two Secretaries, Staff of Chemotherapy and various Testing Departments and all other Staff members of SGCC&RI who played a role, directly or indirectly, in my treatment and recovery from the dreaded disease in this glorious Institution. We sincerely wish and pray that this Institution reaches higher and higher levels in all respects to serve humanity better and better – a dream always cherished by the founder (Late) Dr. Saroj Gupta.

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